Menopause: symptoms and how to minimize them

A couple of years ago, Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow confessed, “I feel like hormonal shifts occur in my body when you suddenly get angry for no reason. I remember when my mom was going through menopause, it was very difficult, and I think that for her all these emotions were a real grief. I don’t think there is a positive example of a woman in the period of menopause in our society. ”

Excessive emotionality is far from the only pre-climatic sign, but, perhaps, it is more insidious than the rest. Often a woman explains her bad mood by external factors, which further aggravates the situation, causes conflicts, and provokes depression. It’s important to immediately determine that it’s hormones, not inner demons or heartless others. What symptoms, besides psychological instability, accompany menopause?

Sleep disturbances

The inability to fall asleep at night makes itself felt during the day, when a woman finds it difficult to concentrate, she feels lethargic, unproductive.

Weakness, fatigue

Hormonal changes are also manifested in this way. Fatigue attacks occur suddenly, which significantly spoil the usual life.

Emotional instability

Tearfulness, excessive sentimentality, irritability, melancholy or blues – usually women look for the source of these emotions from the outside, but in the pre-climatic period they are provoked precisely by the physiological changes that the body undergoes. A natural antidepressant – Happy People nutraceutical from MeiTan will help to cope with emotions.


A sharp rise in temperature manifests itself in different ways: either red spots on the chest and neck, or the feeling that the face is “on fire”. A woman may experience hot flashes up to several times a day.


Now a woman has to put in more effort to maintain a perfect appearance. For example, take a shower more often, use stickers to protect against sweat.


Sudden attacks of dizziness are caused by surges in blood pressure.

Intimate problems

Vaginal dryness and decreased libido affect the quality of sex life, it is quite easy to solve this problem with the help of MeiTan Vaginal Rejuvenation Gel. The product improves the moisture and sensitivity of the vaginal mucosa, and also reduces age-related laxity of the vaginal muscles.

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